These are the images of a passionate artist. His life and work is all that any renegade outlaw's might be. When asked about his work, Tim Orden will tell you,

"WORK? I thought I was just living life?!"

 Most of Tim's images are about his fantasies and daydreams. 

"When I create an image, it comes from something I was pondering about while staring at the sky or sitting on the john ."

Continuing, in an enlightened moment...

"Of course, the content is important, but no photograph has power without the appropriate illumination. It's all about light. Can you say, PHOTO? People often ask me about my creations, but yaking about images is stupid and boring. Photographs are their own language and they should speak for themselves.

I've noticed that people usually like my images because somehow, they speak to them personally, in an intimate way.

For me, that' connection is the ultimate gratification....
I had to survive to 55, and get cranky enough to believe that what I think is cool.... is cool. Thank God, it seems to be working."

Portraits of passion, images of dreams.

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Maui Blue Moon by Tim Orden

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I never got over her fantasy love a new day Kitchen Angels Mother Maui Robert's Dream Live to Rideanti ice campaign For Erin bustin outa Pua Lane gLaM Hawaiian Punch Bathroom Angels

C was cool Get it while it's good Audrey Blue Moon Gorge Ying YingTong Society Unyielding Haole Hula One Tita Nathaniel Free Keoni'oio
Greg's girl Scary Mary Hula Fire Mine Red Moon at Black Sand Waikiki Wahine Angel Girl Flingin Ying Spoiled Bitch Peace Ying Ying

I pray I wish Where's the Beef?

Ansel Adams, said that exposing the negative is akin to composing music, and making the print is akin to the performance of that music
   I've been spending innumerable hours of each week in darkrooms since 1970. In 2000, I stopped shooting film. Since then, entire process of creating images has changed dramatically. Now, every moment is an opportunity to discover new ways to communicate image ideas. I am renewed in my enthusiasm for the medium. Now, instead of hanging out in the darkroom, I spend countless hours in front of a monitor and keyboard. (From one cave to another)

Mahalo for your support .Aloha, Tim Orden 808 620-8876

On Haleakala
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